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Why Do We Cheer for The Other Woman?

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Hollywood is a great example of this behavior

This year, I watched the Oscar Awards like so many of you may have.  Typically, I don’t watch award shows but, I was intrigued by the no-host platform this year and wanted to see how the Academy pulled off a three-hour long award show without someone at the helm.  It helped that I had seen four of the movies that were up for Best Picture, so I had some small emotional investment in this year’s choices.

We can all agree that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of their song, Shallow, was absolute perfection.  The next day, as always with the Oscar Awards, there was buzz about the previous night’s events.  Everything from who had on the best dress, who is dating who, what the after parties were like and, of course, the winners, the losers, disappointments, and surprises.

Why such intense speculation on whether they are an “item”

What really bothered me this year was the hyper focus, by the press and public, regarding an alleged romantic relationship between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  It seemed that everywhere I looked or listened, there was a commentary on how they were an “item.”  Despite Gaga and Cooper’s consistent denial that they are anything but good friends, the press insisted on dissecting this story and turning it into something that it probably is not.  When it was noticed that Gaga was not donning her engagement ring at the Grammy Awards the month before, speculation that she was having an affair with Cooper began to emerge.  The Oscars set the stage as a catalyst for the rumors.

People began to assume that Gaga and Cooper’s well-acted roles were nothing more than an extension of their behind the screen relationship.  Was anyone willing to recognize that what they did on the screen was “acting?”  Furthermore, the movie project that they worked on together, A Star is Born, was completed almost two years ago.  Does it make sense that they would begin an affair with the song at the Oscars?  If they were romantically involved, as a result of co-starring in the movie, wouldn’t that relationship have surfaced when they worked on the film project and not just because they sang together at the Oscars?  I have no knowledge of the nature of their relationship and that is not the purpose of this article.  My reason for writing this is to present the question of why do we support the demise of a couple because we prefer a different pairing?

Why the total disregard for Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend

Everyone was rooting for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to be a twosome.  Facebook entries, entertainment television programs and anyone at the water cooler, at offices around the country, were betting and hoping for them to be a happy couple.  Did anyone notice the long-term girlfriend that Bradley Cooper brought, with him, to the Oscars?  Was anyone concerned about how all this fanfare made her feel?  The other woman has always been given a bad rap as a homewrecker who steps into a relationship with a man who is already spoken for.  Yet, the cheers were for Lady Gaga to be that other woman.  Why do we hold a specific set of standards for everyone yet, we switch them up for those we fantasize about or idolize?  Why do the ground rules change?  Would you want someone to cheer on a new partner for your spouse?

Let’s not condone cheating at every level and give hall passes to people because of our fantasy

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