Hi, friend.

I’m not here to scare you, but to prepare you! In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Susan Shofer, Certified Divorce Coach and Parental Alienation Specialist. Mom of 2 grown kids, Ted X speaker and avid traveler. I […]

Scared to Get Divorced?

You don’t have to feel scared to get divorced. Fear is a Common Emotion During Divorce One common emotion experienced by people thinking about divorce is fear.  It’s so prevalent that it stalls people from making good decisions, […]

Common Reasons for Divorce

What Are Common Reasons For Divorce? Dear Susan: I have been coming to your website for several years and love all of your advice.  You really know your stuff.  One thing I have noticed is that you don’t […]

Getting Divorced During Coronavirus

Are you contemplating getting divorced during Coronavirus?  A yearning for stability during the pandemic is common and in the divorce journey as well – trying to navigate getting divorced during coronavirus  Is there a way to file for […]

Divorce During Covid

Getting a divorce during Covid has turned into quite the complex situation. Many of my friends and colleagues have asked how the pandemic is impacting my business as a divorce coach and how shelter-in-place is probably a catalyst […]

What is a Certified Divorce Coach?

What is a Divorce Coach and Why Should You Use One? A Certified Divorce Coach® is someone who cares about YOU, works alongside YOU as you make decisions about your divorce. I act as a sounding board to […]