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My Ex-Wife Is Negligent With Our Children

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My Ex-Wife Neglects Our Children and I Don’t Know What to Do

Dear Susan,

My ex-wife has made my life a living hell. She is disrespectful to my new wife. Does not show up on time for her visitations and when she does take our three children she leaves them home alone without supervision. We share custody so I feel like there is not much I can do.


Hi Jason,

You have a problem on your hands that goes beyond your ex-wife being disrespectful to your new wife. It sounds like your ex-wife is negligent with the children. You did not say how old your children are which make a huge difference with how the courts would view her behavior. If your children are under the age of 13, her behavior could cause her to lose custody of the children if you go back into court. After age 13, and the courts become a little less vigilant which, in my view, is abhorrent since unsupervised teenagers can get into terrible trouble.

If you believe your ex-wife is negligent and your children are in ham’s way, while in her care, I suggest that you file a motion with the courts to modify your custody arrangement so you have full custody. You will need documented instances where the children were neglected and not just “gut feelings” on your part. The courts take abuse and negligence very seriously but they also take false accusations equally serious so it is imperative that you have concise facts to present to the judge.

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant


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