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My Ex Does Not Honor A Vacation Schedule

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My Ex Doesn’t Honor Child’s Vacation Schedule

Dear Susan,

Your website was written for me!!! 

All of your bullet points are things I have experienced.  Wow, do you know all about toxic divorces.  I am five years post-divorce and it seems as though things just get worse and worse.  My ex-husband and I live in different states but he still causes so many problems for me, primarily with our children who are now 11 and 13.  We take turns with our vacations but he always seems to do things that cause problems when it comes time for my vacation with the children.  His doing so has cause me money in missed plane tickets, hotels and time with my children.  What do I do?  I continue to disappoint my children by the canceling of trips.

Bless you for your help.
Natalie (Nat)

Dear Nat,

This is a tough one because you and your ex-husband live in different states and different court jurisdictions.   That said, it is not a problem that does not have resolve. I assume that you have a parent visitation plan in place.  If you do and your ex-husband does not provide the children to you in time for your scheduled vacations with them, you can file contempt charges and take him to court.  Judges abhor this kind of parental visitation interference.  Not only can you file contempt but you can ask the courts to have your ex pay your attorney fees (should you use an attorney) and ask for your ex to reimburse any monies you lost because of his shenanigans.  A nice dent in his wallet and an hand slap from the judge should remedy this situation.

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant


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