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Divorce and Custody Attorneys Only Care About Money

How Do I Find the Right Divorce and Custody Attorney if They Only Care About Money?

Hey Susan,

What is it about attorneys? I have interviewed ten and all they care about is the money.  They don’t listen.


Dear Elise,

You’ve raised a great question and one I get asked quite a bit.  In fact, I used to ask myself the same question after interviewing over 30 attorneys!!!  The only answer I can give you is that most attorneys shut down after you tell them one or two “awful” thing your spouse has done to you.  After hearing so many bad break-up stories, most attorneys believe they have seen and heard it all before. To them, there is nothing new when it comes to your spouse. Often times, it is not until the attorney is knee deep into your case that they recognize that your spouse may be a little different or, worse yet, the attorney is out of their league when dealing with the shenanigans of your spouse.

My suggestion is that when you interview attorneys (and don’t ever forget that they work for you and not the other way around) that you are very clear about what has happened, citing some very specific examples, and what you expect out of your divorce.  Try, if possible, to keep as much emotion out of your story and stick with the facts. Make sure you ask any attorney you interview to share their most contentious case and how they won it.

Remember that the results of your case will only be as good as the attorney that represents you and that means fully understanding the toxic divorce.

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant


Finding the Right Divorce and Custody Attorney Takes Effort

It takes effort to find the right divorce and custody attorney. Do your research and make sure you ask the right questions. For assistance, there’s the guide for Finding the Right Attorney.

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