Divorce Recovery Ladder

Be Your Best Self.

Be Loyal to Your Future.  Enjoy Your Life Again – Forever!

This program is unrivaled by anything else.

9 Modules covering…

  • Realization & Self-Care
  • Hiring the Right Attorney
  • Caring for the Kids
  • Parental Alienation
  • Avoiding social media pitfalls
  • Finances: Don’t Lose Your Shirt
  • Domestic Violence & Staying Safe
  • Gathering Evidence & Court Conduct
  • Social Media
  • Dating Again

…and so much more.

There’s More

  • Templates to Help You Through the Process
  • Live Community POD Q&A for One Year
  • An Invitation to our Private Moderated Facebook Group
  • Accountability Program for Three Months
  • Pocket Extension Coaching
  • The Divorce Recovery Ladder Coaching Manual
  • Worksheets to help you organize and be prepared
  • The Divorce with Confidence Monthly Newsletter for One Year

I look forward to talking to you.

Your friend,

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant

Pass on Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is Cruel to Children!

A Child Has the Right to Love BOTH parents!!

If your ex-spouse is keeping your child from you or has coerced your child to fear, reject, or disrespect you, you and your child may be victims of parental alienation.

Parental alienation not only harms and fractures families, it hurts children forever.

I have developed a comprehensive program,
Pass on Parental Alienation that addresses ALL
the issues surrounding parental alienation.

In my five-module online class,
we discuss what so many others
don’t want to talk about:

  • The eight manifestations of parental alienation.
  • How parental alienation impacts your child and your family.
  • Why the courts, therapists, custody evaluators, and parent coordinators get it all wrong and how you can help them get it “right.”
  • How to find the right attorney for parental alienation and how the court system can help, if you approach it the right way.
  • How to co-parent with an alienator
  • The ways to communicate with your child no matter what your ex-spouse says or does.

…and so much more.