Are You Experiencing Parental Alienation?  If so, You Have Come to The Right Place!

I Understand The Pain and Torture That Comes with Parental Alienation.

Don’t stay in crisis.  I have developed this program that will give you the tools to help get your children back in your life.  You will learn…

  • What exactly Parental Alienation is
  • Parental Alienation vs. Parental Estrangement
  • How the alienator uses the child to target you
  • The 3 Levels of Parental Alienation
  • What to say and what NOT to say when dealing with your child
  • Co-parenting with an alienator
  • About Parental Alienation Experts
  • Why traditional therapists get it wrong
  • How to find a therapist who “gets it”
  • What the courts believe when it comes to Parental Alienation
  • How to find the perfect attorney to diffuse or stop the alienation
  • What Parental Alienation does to your child
  • Reunification – Does it work – How and when
  • How to live with parental alienation

In this course you get…

  • Immediate access to five modules with almost 4 hours of materials.
  • Access to a private moderated Facebook group when you can interact and support each other through this difficult time.
  • Additional resources to help you through this challenging and difficult journey of Parental Alienation.
  • Lifetime access to the modules, including all updates.

Register for this course now and get your children back in your life!

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