Your case is only as good as your attorney and not all attorneys are alike.

Hiring an attorney is not about their nice office or if they were good for your friend’s divorce.  Yet, many of us hire attorneys for all the wrong reasons.  Your divorce attorney is the person who will help you make decisions that will impact the rest of your life.  This is why you need the best possible one to represent you.

 In this course, you will…

  • Learn the ten questions to ask any prospective attorney
  • The answers you must receive for each one of the ten questions
  • Understand how a retainer works
  • How to prepare  to be the ideal client for your attorney

This course will help you locate the perfect attorney for you who will journey with you through your entire divorce from start to finish.

To keep you on track, this course has a template for you to follow.  It’s that easy.

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