Steven Miller, MD., and Linda Kase Gottlieb, LMFT, on Parental Alienation and Shared Parenting.

Learn how even the most highly experienced mental health professionals and forensic evaluators miss the Parental Alienation and get everything wrong and backwards.  That is, learn how the manipulative alienating parent impresses the PAS-unaware forensic evaluator that she/he is a saint and hear how the targeted/alienated parent is MISTAKENLY assessed to be an hysterical narcissist.

Dr. Miller testifies as to how cases of Parental Alienation are counterintuitive thereby creating cognitive errors which lead to the clinical errors made by most forensic evaluators.  He provides typical examples about how these evaluators are fooled.  Ms. Kase Gottlieb testifies that Parental Alienation is a form of psychological child abuse that is now documented in the DSM 5 and therefore must be treated as any other kind of child abuse—removal from the incorrigible obsessed alienator.  She further asserts that the treatment of choice is the specialty of family therapy.

Why the Courts Fail to Recognize Parental Alienation

A brief section of the above video where Dr. Steven Miller outlines specifically why the courts fail to recognize Parental Alienation.