Susan Shofer Presenting at TEDxResedaBlvd

Announcing Susan Shofer’s TEDx “When Your Ex Turns Your Child Against You”

Divorce and Custody Ally, Susan Shofer, Speaking at TEDxResedaBlvd “Connected”

As a certified divorce coach and a divorce and custody ally, Susan Shofer has helped many women and men navigate the troubled waters of a family breakup by sharing her own organized and pragmatic approach to the divorce process.

Triumphs and Achievements

Susan successfully crossed her own highly contentious divorce and post-divorce battle and was triumphant in her fight against Parental Alienation. Despite the long, contentious journey, she now has an amicable relationship with her ex-husband.

Susan is a single mother of two thriving children, both in college. She is an author, divorce expert, and speaker with many stories to draw upon. Susan brings quick wit and humor to her presentations, alongside a positive outlook for any situation—no matter how bleak it may seem.

Her personal experience and expertise in Parental Alienation, and as a licensed private investigator gives her a unique ability to instruct attorneys on how to approach and tackle, including how to recognize it early, to mitigate it, before it starts.

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