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Tell Me one Thing to Do After Splitting Up

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What Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do After a Splitting Up?

Dear Susan,

My husband and I just split up. If there is one thing you could advise me to do what would it be?


Hi Velvet,

That’s a huge question. There is not one single thing that I could suggest after splitting up since there are so many. Also, each case is different and there are many different factors involved such as children, co-owned properties, to name a few. That said, I think the one thing that I would suggest – across the board – is to not act in a vindictive manner. It does not matter how upset or angry you may become in any given situation, you should try and maintain your cool as much as possible. Maintaining a calm decorum will always bode you well.

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant


Be Calm and Carry On After Divorce

Being calm after a divorce can seem impossible. Not acting vindictive or petty is probably the most important singe piece of advice after splitting up. Consultations are available for more advice and guidance.

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