Pass on Parental Alienation Program Home

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Module 1

In Module 1, I cover:

  • What exactly is Parental Alienation?
  • Parental Alienation versus Parental Estrangement.
  • The manifestations in an alienated child.
  • How the alienator uses the child to target the other parent (you).

Module 2

In Module 2, I cover:

  • The Three Levels of Parental Alienation.
  • What Do You Say or Do When Dealing With Your Alienated Child?
  • What Do You NOT To Say or Do When Dealing With Your Alienated Child?
  • Co-Parenting & Communicating With The Alienator.

Module 3

In Module 3, I cover:

  • Best Interest Attorneys (Guardian Ad Litem).
  • Custody Evaluators.
  • Parenting Coordinators.

Module 4

In Module 4, I cover:

  • Why Traditional Therapists Get It All Wrong When it Comes to Parental Alienation.
  • How to Find The Therapist Who “Gets It.”
  • What Do The Courts Believe When it Comes to Parental Alienation?
  • How to Find the Perfect Attorney to Diffuse or Stop the Alienation.

Module 5

In Module 5, I cover:

  • What Does Parental Alienation Do to Your Child?
  • Reunification Therapy – Does it Work?  How and When?
  • What About You?  How Do You Live with Parental Alienation?