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Child Support Issue: Should I Withhold Visitation?

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Should I Withhold Visitation if Ex Stopped Paying Support?

Dear Susan,

My ex does not pay his child support on time. Should I withhold visitation with the children until he pays up?


Dear Sherri,

The answer is NO, NO, NO. and NO. Visitation and child support are completely two different issues. With holding visitation is not okay and doing so could cause you to lose custody of your children all together. If you ex is not paying support, you need to take it up with the child support office or the court. Never keep the children from your spouse.

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant


Child Support and Visitation Issues Are Two Different Things

The Divorce Recovery Ladder can help you learn more about support and visitation issues. Remember, these are two separate things and should be treated as such.

Susan Shofer
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