Parental Alienation for Attorneys & Mental Health Professionals


  • The definition of Parental Alienation
  • Alienation vs. Estrangement
  • The 8 manifestations observed in alienated children
  • 17 ways that a child can be alienated from a targeted parent
  • Red flags and early warning signs of trouble

Parental Alienation

A Legal and Psychological Perspective in Marriage and Divorce

About the Program:

According to numerous sources, 15-40% of all children involved in divorces, are recipients of parental alienation.  This is not the typical bad-mouthing by one parent of the other parent, although that is part of it, these statistics are primarily about the programming and brainwashing in an effort to implant negative false statements about the other parent so that the child will hate, fear and, therefore, reject the targeted parent.  Many times these actions result in severing the relationship between the child and parent which can be forever.

This heinous action is not only child abuse to the child, it is domestic violence against the parent who is targeted.  Although legal professionals often assume that alienation diminishes once the dust settles from the divorce.  That assumption is completely opposite from what really happens.  Alienators are notorious for impeding the targeted parents’ right to see the child as the alienator continues their mission to destroy any remaining relationship that child has left with that parent. 

Why does parental alienation happen so quickly and how can you detect, diffuse and defy alienation before it takes hold?

Understanding the nuances of Parental Alienation can help you to identify if your client or patient is dealing with it.

In this 45-minute webinar, I outline the definition of Parental Alienation, share the differences between alienation vs. estrangement, explain the 8 manifestations, detail 17 ways that a parent can alienate a child from the targeted parent as well as red flags to look out for and early warning signs of trouble.

This webinar is a must-see for any attorney or mental health professional who deals with divorce or custody.

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Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant