Sad Abused Boy with Anger Shadow

I suffered from my own P.A.S. experience and have not only come out on the other side to a wonderful relationship with my child, but I also have an amicable relationship with my ex-spouse. There is hope.

Pass on P.A.S. Webinar

(Parental Alienation Syndrome)

If you are being alienated and are in crisis, this webinar is a MUST WATCH!

Get your children back in your life where they belong.

I Promise You Will Learn:


  • The 8 signs that you are being alienated from your child(ren)

  • The 6 actions you can take

  • How your children are coerced into alienating you

  • How you and your child are being victimized

  • How the legal system can be your ally


Parental Alienation is a frightening, exhausting and overwhelming experience; one that I have triumphed over myself, and you can too.



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