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I suffered from my own P.A.S. experience and have not only come out on the other side to a wonderful relationship with my child, but I also have an amicable relationship with my ex-spouse. There is hope.

Pass on Parental Alienation Course Free Consultation

If you are being alienated and are in crisis, this course was created specifically for you!

Get your children back in your life where they belong.


For a limited time, Susan is available for a FREE CONSULTATION.


Do you feel hopeless?  Have you spent a fortune in legal fees to get nowhere?  I’ve been where you are right now and have been helping clients get their children back ever since.  There is nothing I haven’t seen.

You and Your Children are  Victims of Parental Alienation. You Need  Help Now.


Don’t stay in crisis.  I have developed a 6-week course that I promise will give you the tools to help get your children back in your life. You will learn…

  • What Parental Alienation Syndrome really is
  • Why a parent alienates
  • The difference between alienation & abuse and why it’s important to understand them both
  • Life in the throes of full-blown alienation for both you and your children
  • How to stop alienation in its tracks before it goes too far
  • How to handle your ex-spouse
  • Strategies to cope with your own emotions so you don’t make a mistake
  • How to address alienation when only one child is alienated, and the others are left behind
  • How to use the legal system so it becomes an ally and not an adversarial arena

In this course you get…

  • Direct access to me in an online group class setting once per week for 1.5 hours.
  • Specific actions and home projects, each week, to help improve your relationship with your child starting with week 1.
  • Access to a private Facebook group when you can interact and support each other through this difficult time.
  • Additional resources to help you through this challenging and difficult journey of Parental Alienation Syndrome.
  • A replay of the group discussion saved for your future reference – available only to your group.


Parental Alienation is a frightening, exhausting and overwhelming experience; one that I have triumphed over myself, and you can too.


This is the course that I wish I had years ago!! I spent over $200,000 in legal fees and for what?  The lawyers and courts don’t have a clue what to do with parental alienation syndrome. Susan has it nailed down to a Science.  Her course is a must for anyone who is going through P.A.S.  -Alyson P.

My daughter was alienated from me for two years and now we see each other all the time.  No offense to my attorney who I like.  It’s just she was not very experienced with parental alienation.  Susan is the parental alienation expert, hands down.  -James R.

If you prefer more information before scheduling your phone call, sign up to watch my free webinar below.


I Promise in This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • The 8 signs that you are being alienated from your child(ren)

  • The 6 actions you can take

  • How your children are coerced into alienating you

  • How you and your child are being victimized

  • How the legal system can be your ally



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