Divorcing Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Be Prepared and Stay Ahead of the Curve

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a huge impact on our lives and economy in a way that we have not seen in over one hundred years.  The health experts and economists can agree on one thing and that is they don’t know.  According to health experts, this is a new virus that uses RNA versus DNA in order to replicate so it behaves in a way that they are not sure what it will do.  The goal is to be globally prepared.  Economists are worried that we are going to slip into a recession.

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Private Investigator, I know that marriages crumble at the same 50% rate regardless of pandemics/epidemics and recessions which makes the cost of divorce even more challenging during these trying times.  How can you afford your divorce in the face of uncertainty?  As a Certified Divorce Coach, I am educated and experienced in the ways to prepare you for your divorce in the most concise and cost-effective way.

My program, The Divorce Recovery Ladder, is a perfect way to optimize your divorce in the most cost-effective way. I show you how to find the right attorney for your case.  Attorney hoping is all too common for people going through a divorce which becomes very expensive.  Each time you change an attorney, you have to start all over from the very beginning and that means time and money wasted.  My ten questions to ask (and the answers to receive) any prospective attorney will keep you from making attorney hiring mistakes.

Where Do I Take the Program?

One of the best features of this program is that it is totally online.  You can go through the modules from the privacy and safety of your own, accessing the modules on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  The PDF checklists are downloadable and can even be filled out on your device.  In addition, there is an audio file of each module’s video.  In addition, you will always have access to the modules, so you can go through them at your own pace.

What Does the Program Cover?

In addition, I teach you ways to take care of yourself,  how to assure financially safety, the actions for taking care of your children, ways to defuse parental alienation, courtroom pitfalls and ways to avoid them, what it’s like to begin dating again and are you really ready to get out there again, circumventing social media and so much more!  All of this for only $99!!!!  My program will save you thousands of dollars.

For $99 you receive eight video/audio models with pdf checklists, for your convenience and to keep you on track.  I cover almost eight hours of concise and pragmatic information to get you ready for divorce and all of the aspects you will encounter through your journey.  I provide you with ways to navigate your divorce so that you become your best self.  After all, that is what I know you want for yourself.

It Also Includes Some Bonuses

My offer includes a closed private Facebook Group where you can communicate with others who have purchased The Divorce Recovery Program.  I visit the group daily to add suggestions and comments.

In addition, you receive my book The Divorce Recover Ladder Guide as part of the program.  Each month for the next twelve months you receive my monthly newsletter which is full of great tidbits.

Finally, as a special bonus, you can send me a short email if you get stuck on any of the topics that I cover that will be personally answered.

This program is worth hundreds of dollars but is all yours for $99.  So, don’t waste another minute and order today.  I look forward to helping you get started on a safe, completely prepared on your divorce journey.

Your friend,

Susan Shofer Divorce Consultant

My Goal is to Help You Be Prepared for Every Part of Your Divorce Process

Check out the Divorce Recovery Ladder Program for more information on how it can help you with your divorce process.

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