Susan Interviewed By Phil Giangrande with Seated At the Writers Table

Susan was interviewed by Phil Giangrande at the LA Times Festival of Books on April 14, 2019, to discuss The Divorce Recovery Ladder.

Susan Shofer is your trusted ally for navigating divorce. Her first-hand experience has given her knowledge in the areas of the divorce process, custody battles, parental alienation and working with attorneys. Her professional experience as a Licensed Private Investigator makes her uniquely qualified to instruct people how to gather evidence and courtroom etiquette. Susan’s early career in finance lends to her ability to teach people how to maintain strong financial health throughout what can be a financially draining experience.

Susan is the author of several books, including a unique and comprehensive workbook called “The Divorce Recovery Ladder that offers a pragmatic approach to the many facets of divorce.  She is the author of several educational webinars on divorce-related subjects.

She is nearing the publication of a workbook to help those dealing with Parental Alienation more effectively navigate their battle.  In the fall of 2019, Susan has a book coming out that captures Susan’s journey with and triumph over severe Parental Alienation.

Listen here.