Coronavirus and Parental Alienation

How COVID-19 applies to Parental Alienation

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and recession have created uncertainty in all of our lives.  It seems like things change every hour and no have a clue about what to expect next.  So how does this apply to Parental Alienation.  Just this past week, I have spoken to three people whose ex-spouse have their child in another country for their scheduled one- or two-week holiday that has now extended beyond two months.  All three were in the early stages of Parental Alienation before the child left with the alienator.  I don’t have to tell you how badly things have gone for all three targeted parents.  Two of them have children five or under who have not only rejected the targeted parent, they don’t remember them.  It’s a horrible situation.

I share this with you because Parental Alienation does not end because the world is under attack by an unknown virus or the stock market drops.  In fact, Parental Alienation can actually ramp up because the alienator knows your mind may be dominated by the pandemic.  This is why you need to stay on track in combatting Parental Alienation.

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Parental Alienation is Cruel to Children

For more information on Parental Alienation, view my TEDx.  In addition to my online four-week course Pass on Parental Alienation, I am available for telephone coaching sessions.