The worst thing that could happen to any parent is the loss of a child.  It is frightening when your once beloved child suddenly fears, hates, and/or rejects you for unreasonable reasons or false narratives.  Even worse, you don’t know where to turn.  Parents are not conditioned to be hated, feared, or rejected by their children, especially for reasons unbeknownst to them.

Parental Alienation happens very quickly.  False claims made against you, by your child, is shocking and heartbreaking.  Attorneys and therapists may assure you that “this happens all the time,” “kids will be kids and this is normal,” or “they will come back after the dust from the divorce settles.”  All of this sage advice is wrong.


Parental Alienation becomes deep-rooted into your child’s psyche.  The false narratives that have been a never-ending brainwashing, by your ex-spouse, becomes your child’s new reality.  They honestly believe the claims they make against you are true.  Trying to plead your innocence only solidifies what they believe is their truth.  This only alienates them further instead of endearing them to you.

So what do you do?  Fight for your child?  Wait it out until your child is an adult with the hopes they reconnect with you?  Are there ways to fight against, circumvent, and even defy parental alienation?   As a certified divorce coach specializing in parental alienation, I know there are ways to diffuse and possibly even defy parental alienation.  Trying to do it alone, will lead you on broken paths and possibly in the hands of well-meaning “experts” who have no experience in parental alienation.  Don’t be their test project.  

Time is of the essence.  Each day of alienation is another day that your child is brainwashed to further disengage from you. There is nothing more important than your child’s relationship with both their parents and that includes YOU.  You have a right to have a relationship with a child and your child has a right to have a relationship with you. Your ex-spouse should not be the decider.   Yet, they have not only appointed themselves the decider, but they also do so by using your child as a weapon against you while they ignore custody agreements and other court-appointed arrangements between you and your child.  They don’t care about your child. They care about hurting you.

Defying Parental Alienation requires people who know the manifestations of Parental Alienation and the ways to intercept.  Begin below for the ways to defy this horrendous crime against your child and you.  You have the right to be your child’s parent and they have the right to have access to you.