Why Divorce Does Not Have to be Feared

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Fear is a Common Emotion During Divorce One common emotion experienced by people pending divorce is fear.  It’s so prevalent that it stalls people from making good decisions, paralyzing them from going forward, staying in abusive

Reasons for Divorce

What Are Common Reasons For Divorce? Dear Susan: I have been coming to your website for several years and love all of your advice.  You really know your stuff.  One thing I have noticed is that you don’t have any articles about why people leave marriages or get divorced in

Divorce in Our New Normal

How Will Divorce Be Navigated During the Coronavirus Pandemic? The world has been blindsided by coronavirus causing a global pandemic the likes that none of us have ever experienced.  The chaos caused by COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in gargantuan proportions.  The news feeds change hour to hour as the

How Coronavirus is Changing Divorce

Divorce and COVID-19 One would have to live under a rock to not be affected by the current coronavirus pandemic.  It’s everywhere we go, and we don’t go too far these days.  As soon as the pandemic became a reality, and not a virus that would diffuse once the weather

divorce and money

Historical Analysts During Divorce

Are Historical Analysts Helpful During a Divorce? A Historical Analyst is an unbiased party, which means that they do not work for either of the attorneys involved in the case.  They assess the couple’s financial situation and use their true income to make suggestions for child support,  alimony arrangements, the