Dating Before Divorce

Should I Be Dating Before a Divorce? Dear Susan, I am going to try to keep this simple, but it is such a complex issue. My husband and I are still married but have been separated for five years. The divorce is dragging out for too long because my husband

Mother Abandoned Children

Our Children Haven’t Heard from Their Mother in Months Dear Susan, My ex-wife stopped visiting our two children who are now 11 (daughter) and 13 (son).  She was never very stable and let me have full custody, except for the legal custody.  At first, she came around but then stopped.

Houses on a slopped street

My Ex Stopped Paying the Mortgage

My Ex Stopped Paying the Mortgage, What Should I Do? Dear Susan, Our divorce decree allows me to live in our marital home for five years and my ex-husband has to pay the mortgage.  For the first year after our divorce, the situation worked out great.  About two months ago,