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Historical Analysts During Divorce

Are Historical Analysts Helpful During a Divorce? A Historical Analyst is an unbiased party, which means that they do not work for either of the attorneys involved in the case.  They assess the couple’s financial situation and use their true income to make suggestions for child support,  alimony arrangements, the

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My Ex Stopped Paying the Mortgage

My Ex Stopped Paying the Mortgage, What Should I Do? Dear Susan, Our divorce decree allows me to live in our marital home for five years and my ex-husband has to pay the mortgage.  For the first year after our divorce, the situation worked out great.  About two months ago,

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Stay-at-Home Mom No More

I’m a Stay-at Home Mom No More and Now I’m Sinking Dear Susan, During our marriage, my husband was the major wage earner and I was a stay at home mother.  When we separated, he said he would continue to pay the bills.  Unfortunately, he has not kept his word