How Can a Divorce Coach Help Your Client & Therefore Help You?

A divorce coach creates an ideal client for you by:

  • Taking the client out of “their story” so that they can begin the divorce journey free of talking about the past.
  • Preparing the client to organize their financial situation with realistic settlement expectations.
  • Discussing social media and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Addressing their feelings about co-parenting and what that will look like.


After a few sessions with a divorce coach, your client can be ideal; one who functions with clarity and confidence.


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If You Have Clients Encountering Parental Alienation

You know the challenges you face representing cases involving Parental Alienation.  Often judges don’t understand Parental Alienation or they believe it only surfaces during the divorce to diminish shortly after the ink dries on the divorce decree.

Parental Alienation usually escalates after divorce starting with the interference of custody and visitation by the alienator.  The brainwashing from alienation hurts children and leaves them with lifelong scars.

My webinar gives you a comprehensive understanding of the manifestations of parental alienation, how it happens, ways he alienator coerces the child, the traits of an alienator and you can recognize one, and how it can be diffused or eliminated completely.